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I grew up on an island in Stockholm Archipelago and in the city, with my parents and two brothers.

My mother was a textile designer and she let me go crazy with her pencils when I was a kid. She encouraged me to illustrate, all the time, everywhere. Her attitude still inspires me, letting everyone try finding his or her own way. My Father was a Restaurateur and a DJ. I some how relate to good design as if it “taste good” so he has affected me a lot.

My Grandmother was a Tailor and Grandfather a Gardener. I grew up with an insight about nature and how to co-exist with it in harmony. Nature is my greatest source of inspiration and treating it with respect is essential in my way of living and working.

In 1994 I attended Beckman’s School of Design in Stockholm, where I trained in Graphic Design, Communication and Product Design. Paralleled with my education I worked with Interior Design and Product Development.

In 1998 I graduated from Beckman’s and since then I have worked in several fields. Initially as a Graphic Designer and Art Director and then as a Creative Director and product designer.

For some years I lived and worked in London. I started a Design and Communication Agency together with Tyler Brulé (Founder of Wallpaper Magazine) and worked with many prestigious international clients. I then moved back to Sweden and started my own Design agency Camilla Lundsten Studio.

In 2006 I was awarded the “Swedish Design Award - Best Product Design" (initiated by the Advertising Association of Sweden) for my BRIO toy design. In 2007 I was nominated for “Guldägget” (initiated by the Swedish Association of Communication Agencies) for the BRIO Identity project.

In 2009-2010 I founded my own brand Littlephant. I also wrote and illustrated ten children’s books about the character Littlephant. At the same time I worked for Swedish TV4 as Show Host and Interior Decorator at their top Interior/DIY show “Äntligen Hemma” (Finally home) and with clients like IKEA, Scandic Hotels and RNB Retail.

In 2011 I gave birth to my son Tintin and in 2012 me and my colleague Marie Ericsson launched our first Littlephant collection. Today I am based in Stockholm where I live and work.